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Overview Shangdong Information Center has more than 100 members who are taking part in management, typing, and developping. We can do many kinds of jobs all over the world, including typing and inputing of data, managing of information, such as dealing with data of banks, insurance companies, libraries and universites. We can exchange data by Internet. Developping member can develope software to fit the special requirement of different customs and rules.
Clienteles More than 20 government departments Test Center of Shangdong Province
Achievements Test Center of Shangdong Province: These jobs are computation and statistic of data of test of entrance university based on WAN. Greek Document Inputing: We has accepted job of Greek Document Inputting since 1991, so we have more than 10 years of experience in this area. Each person can input more than 100,000 characters everyday. Policy of insurance: More than 200 kinds of policy of insurances are classified and inputted. Each person can input more 1500 pages of policy every hour. And we can transmit data by Internet all the day.
Technical skills Number key : 20000 character/hour miss rate : 0.05%
English: 20000 character/hour miss rate : 0.05%
Chinese: 5000 character/hour miss rate : 0.5%

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