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Overview Our clients are government part of Shandong Province and big enterprise of Shandong Province. Because of efficient services and high prestige,we gain confidence of clients. We are having rich experience on construct of net.
Clienteles * State Development Planning Commission
* Shandong Province Information Estate Office
* Shandong Province Government
* Bank
* Longda Group
Achievements * Shandong Information network Exchange Platform£»
* State Development Planning Commission System Satellite Network Control Center£»
* Shandong Province Satellite Information Conmmunication Network£»
* Shandong Province Government Affairs Information Network£»
* Shandong Economic Information Network£»
* Shandong-North America Link Website£»
Technical skills We are having rich experience on building of network.Our engineers master technology of Cisco (net deviece),Windows and Unix etc.(OS),Oracle and SQL Server etc.(Database), Having rich experience on wiring and system integration.

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